recommended suppliers

I have always made it a priority that I want to work with businesses who align with my values and I am delighted to have built a network of brilliant women-owned businesses whose skills can help your business too. 

With each person I have recommended, I have also added a note on why I recommend them. So thank you for taking the time to read through this wonderful list of wonderful people.


ellie (She/her)

eleanor mollie

Ellie Kime is the founder of Eleanor Mollie, where she’s a personal branding copywriter who specialises in helping small business owners explain who they are, what they do, and why they should be paid for it, so that they can network, pitch, connect and grow. She also works to help add delight into customer journeys, through wording, gifts, and more.

why I recommend ellie

Ellie speaks and writes passionately and enthusiastically. She has taught workshops in my Visible Vibes membership community and she’s worked on a number of copywriting projects for my Maddy Shine brand. As women it is not easy to write about ourselves, the odds are stacked against us for fear of looking ‘too good’ or ‘showing off’. We spoke about this at length on my Visibility Talks podcast here. Ellie applies an enthusiastic full stop on this attitude in the best possible way and I highly recommend working with her.

franky at

love audrey

In Franky’s words: “I’m an experienced copywriter and digital content creator who’s spent more than a decade helping ambitious business owners and solopreneurs communicate with their ideal clients. As well as producing persuasive copy on my clients’ behalf, I also coach them to create their own. Beyond teaching the basic principles of copywriting, I’m passionate about empowering people to become confident writers who can turn a blank page into a page of great copy without breaking a sweat.”

why I recommend franky

I recommend Franky because she is an incredibly talented and thoughtful writer. We started our businesses at the same time way back in the day (well over 10 years ago!), and I love her approach to life. It was in a 1:1 session with me as the client and she as the expert that the phrase ‘sassy and soft’ was born. Do check out her links below, and also her words of wisdom on my Visibility Talks podcast here.

laura (She/her)


Laura is a copywriter with 15 years’ experience writing online marketing content, website copy, sales funnels and launch material. She specialises in working with people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, group programmes, masterminds and memberships (membership sales pages are her favourite).

why I recommend laura

I recommend Laura because simply put, I love the way she thinks and writes. She tells it like it is, and knows her stuff and then some. You name a means of selling an idea, she’s tried it and got the t shirt. She’s an upcoming guest on my Visibility Talks podcast so look out here, and her creative way of working is incredibly inspiring. Do check her out!

siobhan (she/her)

this sister scribes

Siobhan Strode is a word witch helping you raise your voice and make a difference through storytelling and connection. She writes copy that shines with your magic, captures your unique voice, and cultivates an audience of raving fans. Combining over a decade of classroom teaching experience with her love of words to support women in business, during the last 8 years she’s created wordy magic with 100s of them via courses, workshops, 1:1, and group programmes! When she’s not copy coaching or nurturing cohorts of women leaders, she’s juggling raising three boys as feminists (and her rambunctious collie) with being an activist & campaigner. Her passion is supporting women to use their voices for the greater good, tell their stories, and generally f*ck up the status quo.

why I recommend siobhan

Siobhan is the most modest-about-her-own-talents writer I know. She’s incredibly wise in her role as word witch but not only that she is a passionate activist. We actually became friends through a Feminist Business program we were both on, and I just love how much I learn from her all the time.  She’s been a guest on my Visibility Talks podcast here. Do make sure you check out her services.

branding experts

heather hulbert

Heather is a multi-award winning graphic designer with over 20 years experience, who specialises in helping women create a brand that really represents both their business and themselves. She does this through crafting the perfect brand identity of colours, typography, brand voice and a bespoke logo design, as well as looking at the core foundations such as values, mission and their vision for the future, bringing out her clients’ inner sparkle and helping them to fall back in love with their brand so they shout about it from the rooftops and show up more confidently for their audience.

why I recommend heather

Heather is a talented brand expert and I love her dedication to what she does. She’s the queen of networking too which is I think how we originally met and then she interviewed me on my podcast here! She’s now a resident expert in my Visible Vibes community as she’s not only a brand designer but also a fellow WordPress web designer too. She’s a fantastic listener and always keen to collaborate which is perfect.

liz mosley

Liz Mosley is a graphic designer with over 15 years experience and now specialises in creating creative branding and animated GIFS for small business owners. She also hosts a podcast called Building Your Brand and teaches courses showing people how to create their own branding and GIFS if they don’t have the budget to outsource it. Her goal for her clients and students is for them to come away with branding that they love that helps them to feel so proud and confident promoting their businesses and sharing what they do with the world.

why I recommend liz

Liz is a talented brand designer and is incredible at sharing her skills online. When you give her a follow on Instagram and you’ll dive into a world of glorious brand ideas, beautiful patterns, and plenty of clarity. She’s also very generous with her advice, time and support which I think is such an underrated quality in a small business owner! She has a brilliant podcast with all sorts of amazing guests (like me!) and she was a fantastic guest on my Visibility Talks podcast here.

brand photographers

fiona at fiona k photos

Hi, I’m Fee, the person behind Fiona K Photos.

I’m a London based brand and product photographer. My natural, bright and modern style of photography lends itself perfectly to creating beautiful interiors, lifestyle product and commercial images.

From the start, I love to get to know you and your business. Who your clients are, what makes you tick and what is important to you. I work in a relaxed way, ensuring you feel at ease in front of the camera, so I can capture beautiful, natural and creative photographs.

why I recommend fee

I have been working with Fee since 2013 when we met on a photo shoot. I’ve designed numerous versions of her websites (she’s a wedding photographer too). She’s an incredibly talented photographer but I love the way she works. She’s mega organised and very straight talking, and she works with colour in such a beautiful way. Do check out her links below.

nadia meli

Italian born, German raised, now living in London. Photography has given me the gift of crossing paths with people and their stories. It makes me seek beauty, create joy and find magic in the mundane.

My work is guided by a sense of belonging – the thing that we all want: A moment of human connection. To me, photography is about witnessing people and allow them to witness themselves.

I am a Portrait Photographer, cat mum, Nikon Ambassador, speaker, writer, occasional podcast host and whatever else I want to add to this list.

why I recommend nadia

Nadia took all the wonderful photos you see of me with blue space buns in my hair both here on Sassy & Soft and also on my Maddy Shine website and social media. We had known of each other for some time but first connected at Snap Photography Festival in 2023. She has an incredible spirit, and I love talking to her. She has stories to share and then some, which is why I believe she is such a talented photographer. I’m a bit obsessed with her photos and way of communicating, so please do check out her links below.