SEO Audits & Retainers

You’ve landed here because:

You’re a woman- or queer-owned business that needs to get to the top of Google

You’re ready to get the work done

You want an expert to do this work for you.

Check out the options to work with me and then book a call to discuss your needs.

You’ve landed here because:

You’re a woman- or queer-owned business that needs to get to the top of Google

You’re ready to get the work done

You want an expert to do this work for you.

Check out the options to work with me and then book a call to discuss your needs.

SEO Audits & Retainers

Are you confused by endless advice from well meaning pals about how to get found on Google

Here at Sassy and Soft I take the workload off you to guide you to the top of Google and beyond.

Hop on the phone with me and I’ll walk you through the best option I can offer with 100% honesty and integrity.

This is the place where you can outsource managing your website, SEO, and online marketing activity to me. I’m in touch with you every step of the way!

SEO Audit – The Healthcheck


Once you get in touch, I’ll invite you to book a phone call so we can discuss what you’d like to achieve and how I can help. You can ask me any questions (no such thing as a stupid question, you don’t know what you don’t know!) and then you can decide to book. I’ll send you the invoice + questionaire to give me all the info about your goals + website including giving me access.


Once I receive your completed questionaire, I’ll take 14 working days to carry out the healthcheck audit.

The SEO Healthcheck can include and is not exclusive to (as all businesses are different!)
  • full website analysis looking at content, marketing strategy & SEO
  • competitor analysis including how they got to page one of google + recommendations on how to fill the gaps I spot and gain advantage
  • ideal client analysis and how to attract more of them to your website
  • full list of keywords (what you want people to Google to find you) for your website main pages
  • the gaps where you need to match your pages + blogs with how you want people to find you.
  • page by page content analysis + recommendations
  • navigation and menu analysis + recommendations
  • links + calls to action analysis + recommendations
  • analysis of your SEO rankings and how you can improve them along with budget friendly tools to track your progress (stop Googling yourself!)
  • how to get more website traffic + better rankings via Google’s three essential tools – Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • website speed, broken links, plugins and technical website updates


I’ll send you the Healthcheck report in Google Doc + PDF format complete with embedded videos on how to action my recommendations to get your website ranking on page one of Google


SPECIAL INTRO BONUS: For a limited time only, I’ll include my Google Wizardry Bundle worth £250 for free when you book your SEO Healthcheck

“Maddy is the SEO font of all knowledge!

Maddy did an SEO Healthcheck on my website and my jaw just fell open when I read it- wow! It was chock full of all the useful info that I needed to make my website attract my ideal clients. From recommending keywords, to competitor analysis, to suggestions for different website pages, it was just what I needed to get my website into the best SEO shape!

If you are thinking about working with Maddy, do it! She knows what she is talking about and your website will thank you for it!

Thanks so much once again!”

Emma Hutchinson Photography

SEO Retainers & Projects

Instead of working on a monthly retainer basis, I work on a project basis so you don’t feel as pressured into making decisions, but at the same time, we still get the work done.

You have enough to do without having to go through all the recommendations I’ve listed for you in the SEO Audit stage. So here’s where I’ll do the work for you. This includes (not an exhaustive list):


I’ll make sure you’re connected with Google’s 3 essential tools – Google Search Console, Google My Business & Google Analytics and then analyse the results on a monthly basis to tweak your strategy


I’ll add more call-to-action buttons around the website to drive more action + engagement, once I’ve checked how your clients should be moving through your website to book you.


I’ll be checking in with you on a regular basis to identify opportunities currently missed for marketing on a rolling basis


Every month your WordPress website needs some love as the plugins and themes offer updates. I’ll make sure your website is quick to load and safe from hackers. This can also be included as part of a hosting package. See more about my hosting packages here.


I’ll edit/rewrite your website text optimising for the keywords, restructure so that valuable information is shared throughout and update with ideal client language where required


I’ll check where else you’re listed online, and compare that to the competitors who are (currently) ranking above you to discover new opportunities. Then I’ll set about getting you listed on those directories. This is a collaborative process as these links could include PR, press features and paid listings.


If you’re a visual business, you need to get your images found too. I’ll include making sure this happens if we work together on your SEO.


I’ll create a blogging strategy for the time we work together, and then we can decide whether I write the blogs for you, or edit the blogs you write, or both!

INITIAL INVESTMENT FROM £2000 (includes Healthcheck)

(payment plans are available)

Every month I’ll produce a rankings & results report showing you the results of our efforts

Every 4-6 weeks I’ll check in with you on a call to share updates and work out priorities for the next period.

As we continue the work together, l can also help you create systems and blueprints tailored to your business to streamline content creation and make it easier, more effective and less time-consuming all round!

“I have worked with Maddy for a number of years. She has helped me with various aspects of my business and marketing and been invaluable in providing SEO for my website.

As soon as I met Maddy, I immediately loved her approach – full of ideas and really enthusiastic and really organised, which appealed to me as I am too! I really couldn’t imagine not having her as an extended part of the team. I am consistently fully booked and I know most of my traffic comes from Google thanks to SEO. I bloody love working with Maddy.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Maddy. She’s efficient, friendly and knowledgable. Nothing is too much trouble and I wholeheartedly recommend her. If you need help with SEO, marketing or learning how to build your profile online she’s your woman! She knows bloody loads about SEO & marketing and she’s really easy to work with. I would totally recommend her and continue to do so!”

Fiona Kelly

Brand, Wedding & Family Photographer

“We booked Maddy to introduce some proper strategic SEO tools to improve our overall marketing. After hearing her give a public talk, we were so impressed by her presentation and thought if there is one person we should work with it’s Maddy!
She is highly professional, has a great website herself and I love her enthusiasm showing via social media.

We love her organisational skills and her “can do everything” approach! Her knowledge is vast and the application of her knowledge a success!

Maddy helped us to make our business shine, literally, translating to a huge increase in bookings in less than a month!

As a result of working with Maddy we became really confident and happy that we have now reached the objective that we’ve had in mind for a long time – we did not think our business was not ready for such an increase on demand but now we can cope and deliver the best. It is a good feeling to have!

We would recommend Maddy to anyone who wish to increase their business by improving their image and making the most of her strategic knowledge.


Tredudwell Manor, wedding venue in Cornwall

“We booked Maddy to review our website, suggest changes, and help to develop new content. We chose to work with her because Maddy has a proven track record of improving site performance and searchability.

Her knowledge of SEO has been invaluable to us throughout this project. Maddy was incredibly responsive and helped our project develop at a good pace. Her knowledge of the tools used to improve our site’s performance were second to none and I’d happily work with Maddy on future projects.

Because of Maddy, we have learned so much, it’s been a really useful and rewarding experience.

As a result of working with Maddy we feel more confident using digital tools to improve the searchability of our web content.

We would recommend Maddy to anyone looking to improve their online presence.”


Rosa UK, grant making charity supporting women & girls